Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Zoo

The zebras hop along the dry and prickly patch of grass while the
patternless white rhino grazes on the grass. The giraffe was camouflaged with  grass from head to tail.The Sri lankan elephants stumbled slowly across their enclosure.

The huge Galapagos tortoises lay stone still while people stared into their shell. They were both equally muddy and their long necks stuck out of their heads. They had the whole enclosure to themselves but they would only use a little bit. Their huge  powerful jaws snapped as the ate the leaves.

While we we wondering around the zoo, I couldn't hold it anymore, “Can we go see the penguins?” I pleaded. We followed  the map but were we going the right way? Hmmm.

Last Friday the year 4's went on a trip to the Zoo.We wrote a description using D-A-D meaning description, action and dialogue.

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