Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach description

The hot dry sand stays there motionless while the waves crash into it.White fluffy clouds stay in the sky.Big green trees are hanging off the cliff.In the distance there are small and big islands sitting on the horizon.The pitch black hollow cove leads in and back out.Water rolls you into the side of the cave.

The smell of wet sand forces me to wrinkle my nose.All the lush green trees let out a scent of fresh green leaves.The salt water aroma from the ocean spreads across the sand on the beach, Strong smells of sunscreen comes across to noses.

Wet sticky sand gets stuck to feet while they are running across it. Soft gentle breeze drifts across to the other side of the beach.Consistent waves smash between toes to make it tickle.Sea shells prick feet that walk over them. The burning hot rocks radiate to keep warm.

As soon as we hit the beach , jump out of the car…..Splash!!!!!!! I am already in the water hoping to splash about. It always feels so happy when my dad says’’pack your bag .We are going to the beach’’.I love going to the beach to have tons of fun

This week we wrote a description of the beach using what we see,hear and smell.Hope you enjoy. I think I used interesting vocab.

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