Sunday, September 17, 2017

Letter to Countdown

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Room 8
Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive

Dear Countdown,

We are students at Halsey Drive school. Our names are Lupe and Adhvika. This term we have been learning all about fair trade. In Countdown we found fair trade bananas and chocolate but we couldn't find fair trade sugar and coffee. We were wondering why we couldn't find fair trade sugar. We suggest as customers, you sell fair trade sugar and coffee because farmers who grow the sugarcane and coffee beans  will be receiving a fair price for all their hard work. We would appreciate if you could try and get most fair trade products to sell to yours consumers.

Kind regards,
Adhvika Agasthya and Lupe Hafoka

We wrote a letter to Countdown saying they should have fair trade sugar and coffee beans.I think fair trade has helped farmers with their lives.

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  1. Adhvika, I'm looking forward to hearing what they say. -Mrs T