Monday, August 21, 2017

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three  billy goats
Once upon a time there were 3 Billy goats, Little Billy goat , Middle
Sized Billy goat and great big billy goat. They lived on a field in green valley but the problem was they had finished all the grass on their side of the hill. The billy goats looked over the other side of the river and saw loads of grass but first they needed to cross the bridge.

The next day Little Billy Goat went to cross the bridge when suddenly the big huge monsters troll said, ’’Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge? I'm going to eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
“Oh, I'm just Little Billy Goat my big brother is much bigger and tastier than Me,” said Little Billy Goat and then went trip trapping over the bridge.

Then Middle Sized Billy Goat decided to go over the bridge. Then the troll shouted “Who's that trip- trapping over my bridge?
“Oh it is just me, Middle Sized Billy Goat’’.
The troll said,’’ I'm going to eat you for breakfast,lunch and dinner.”
‘’Why would you want to do that?” asked middle sized billy goat. ’’ My big brother is way bigger and tastier than me.” So the goat went trip-trapping over the bridge.

Great Big Billy Goat saw them eating soft luscious grass on the other side so he went to cross the bridge.
’’Who's that trip- trapping over my bridge?’’ bellowed the troll.
’’Oh, it is just me, Great Big Billy Goat.
‘’I'm going to eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe even snack’’ said the troll.
‘’Please please don’t eat me’’ said Great Big Billy Goat.
‘’To bad I've caught you now.’’ The troll gave a evil laugh and stare.
The troll hopped up on the bridge to get ready to eat big Billy Goat. As soon as the troll  hopped on the bridge Great Big Billy Goat called middle sized billy goat and little billy goat. They came running to help. All the three goats kept  on bumping into the troll with their horns until the troll was hurt and he died. The 3 Billy goats lived happily ever after with all the grass they needed .

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This week we have been writing fairy tales but we had to change our ending. I wrote the story Billy Goats Gruff. I changed my ending because all the Goats kept bumping into the troll with their horns until he died.
I hope you enjoy reading my fairy tale.

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