Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character description

Awful auntie
Awful auntie is the main character in the book Awful auntie. She is the auntie of a small girl named stella. She is the most unkind Auntie in the world.

When Aunt Alberta plays tiddlywinks she always wants to win. When she was little she played against her brother and when it was his turn she would secretly change the pot to a much taller and bigger one. What a cheat she was. She taught her bavarian mountain owl mean things to do to children walking down the street.When stella's parents died stella asked Aunt Alberta if she arranged some flowers from her and Aunt Alberta  said ‘they were completely dead so they wouldn't of known even if i did.How mean is that

Aunt alberta is a very short and chubby. She has thin red hair. She wears weird and ugly tweed hunter clothes with a floppy ear covering hat. Aunt Alberta wears steel toe capped boots with an owl pendant around her neck.

Aunt alberta likes playing tiddlywinks but she always wants to win.She loves her pet owl. She sleeps with the owl. She has a bath with the owl. She does everything with the owl.She likes to play horrible tricks on people like a wicked queen will do.

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  1. I like your piece of character description Advika. Next time, you could make sure it makes sense because Stella is a name and you forgot to make the s capital. Ka pai!