Sunday, July 2, 2017

Minute to win it

 How to play Minute to win itFile_000.jpeg

You will need:
3 or 5 ping pong balls
Arcade game

  1. Aim for the point cups.
2.  Throw the ball into the cups. We will take a look at what cups you got so we can give you some tickets according to how many points you have got.
3.Give the tickets to the staff to get a prize.
4.Collect the prize from the staff.
5. Enjoy playing our arcade game.

Our  arcade game is called Minute to win it.

You need to throw the ball into the cup to win a prize. The cups have different numbers of prizes so if you get 30 points you can get something for 30 tickets. You only get 1 minute.

Our game has an inclined plane to keep the board up.There are cups so when you throw the ball it will not fall out.There is a board so there is something to keep the cups on.

Our game uses push because you have to push the ball into the cup and gravity pulls the ball into the cups.
We need to make the inclined plane at the back stronger. I think we should improve the presentation like the writing more neatly and make it more eye  catching.

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