Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comparing Taonga

We are writing a comparison of what a taonga is. Adhvika’s taonga is an album of pictures of when she was a baby and Kaleb’s is a toy which is a frog. A taonga is a treasure to you or your family.

We both got our taonga when we were little. Our taonga helps us remember the past memories.They  are similar because they are eight years old. They both make us happy when we look at our taonga because it’s so special to us. We both got it for our 1st birthdays.

Adhvika’s taonga is a book and Kaleb’s is a toy with stuffing in it. Adhvika’s is a book with pictures and kaleb’s a toy because my book is made out of paper. Adhvika’s is small and Kaleb’s is bigger.

Kaleb taonga has a body and Adhvika ‘s does not have body. Kaleb’s taonga is to play with and Adhvika’s is to look at. Kaleb’s is made of cloth and Adhvika’s is printed . Kaleb has fake eyes and Adhvika’s does not. Kaleb’s taonga is not in a set shape while Adhvika’s is a rectangle.

We think that everyone has more than one taonga and a taonga does not have to be worth a lot. Overall we learnt that taonga do not have to be the same and they can be different . All it has to be is a taonga to you.

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  1. Well done Kaleb and Advika. You are beginning to use key words like similar and comparison. Your next step is to state at the beginning of each paragraph in the main body what that paragraph is about. eg: Our taonga are different because........
    Mrs T