Monday, June 25, 2018

Key competencies

Key Competencies
(the capabilities required for living and lifelong learning)

Halsey Drive School
                    A = Almost Always
                                                               S = Sometimes
                                                          N = Not yet
1st half of the year
2nd half of the year
Managing Self

I am organised for the day

I am willing to try new things

I complete work to the best of my ability and show initiative

I begin work straight away, stay on task and work independently

I can set realistic goals and explain how to achieve them

I make sensible behaviour choices

I happily take part in all school activities

Relating to Others

I cooperate well with others when working

I treat others with respect

I am a good friend and role model - especially at break times

I show good manners and cooperate with others

Participating and Contributing

I share my ideas and opinions with others

I listen well to other people’s opinions

I take part in activities outside of the classroom


I ask relevant questions to deepen my knowledge

I reflect on my own learning and say what I need to learn next

Language Symbols and Texts

I use a range of IT to share my learning


The cluster of deadly, demon dragons roars like lions, deep from their thick throats and emitting hot fire.
They have huge flappy wings that help them soar from country to countryThey have long pointed horns and scaly backsTheir immense bodies glide in the breeze.
The serene clouds float beneath them quiescently. The red-yellow, tangerine- colored sunset, sets the scene in the background. The dragons head towards the sunset blindly, without knowing where they are going.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fun house

Fun house
Come and join us
Bouncy castles,food stalls,
face paint and more
All money goes towards
Countries with lots of pollution
that is killing kids
Did you know that nearly 2
millon kids aged four and younger die every year
Go on as many rides as you want
When:16th june
Where: 123 lane park
Time: 1:00-5:00
Age 1-3 $5
4-16 $15
Adults $25

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The colored cats

The colored cats

The blue coloured cat had
no clue what to do so
he spewed out glue
He flew into the  sky
Saying buy
In the sky was a
Pie saying hi
He also flew past a pigsty

The green cat
There was once a green colored cat
His fav food was beans and
he likes wearing jeans.
As seen on tv everyone
was keen to buy
This green cat

The pink cat

There was once a pink cat
That lived in a sink.
She liked to wink and skate in
the rink.
It also left a trail of Zinc and
sometimes drops of ink

The red cat

There was once a red colored cat
That slept in a bed
His owner
Fed him 6 times
Which made him feel dead
The owner said i
store lots of led

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Uniforms should be banned

Uniforms should be banned!
Imagine having to wear school uniforms everyday.  The same dress code every week, the same coloured pants and shirts. This is plain boring.  In my opinion,
children should be able to wear what they want to school.  Uniforms should therefore be abolished!  School uniforms are expensive and don’t allow students to truly express who they are. Get rid of school uniforms now!  Students and parents would be a lot happier if this happened.
Children should be able express themselves and their personality.  Uniforms don't allow students to be an  individual. You don't get to show your personality, your interests, likes and dislikes. Letting students wear what they want can also teach them to be responsible. They can make their own choices and decisions rather than them picking the same uniform out of their closet.  If students lose their uniforms they almost give up trying to find it in a sea of 500 other exact same pieces of clothing.  However, if children lose their own unique clothes they are more determined to find them as they really like and enjoy wearing their own fashion statements.
I hope you’re up to paying more than $200 per year just for stationery and uniforms. That's not even including school fees and donations.  It also costs less money for the parents because we wear everyday clothes to school. Now i've collected some facts about the cost of uniforms: $38 for a shirt, sweatshirts are $45, jackets are $63, skirts are $61, shorts are $36,hats are $12 and pants are $44. How ridiculous
 I'm sure most school prices are around the same price. However, you might need more than one of each item per year making the cost go up even more.  I can't even calculate how much parents are paying to the school, imagine if they have three or more kids, the cost of uniforms would be huge!
In conclusion, uniforms should be banned because children should be able to freely express themselves and uniforms are really expensive. It also teaches kids to be responsible.If children wear uniform it will disable them from being able to choose for themselves in the future. Uniforms should be banned.

Winter olympics

The torches light up shining through the arena.People beam with pride holding their country
flag waving them side to side. A rush of people dance and sing around me.My bright black
stripes encouraged me to represent South Korea. All the other mascots were competitive
but I was more competitive.

I wake up refreshed ready for the big day today. I had a big healthy breakfast and go to
practice with my bobsledding mates.I found them in on the side of the practice rink
frantically looking for our white and red bobsled. We look all over the arena and then we
check the security cameras. We see the north korean competitors taking our bobsled to
whos knows where. But then at the end of the clip we saw them taking it to gate 15.
Then we sneak into gate 15 and looked all around. Then suddenly we see the security
guards coming in.Then out of the corner of my eye I see our bobsleigh tied to the back of
a tree and I run towards it forgetting that the guards are here.I quickly tell my mates to
distract them and grab the sleigh and signal my mates to come.

Once we were all together we kept practising until I heard “All bobsled competitors come
to gate 8 we all raced to the gate and then we jumped in woooooooooooooos we sped
across the stadium.We saw the finish line and crossed it in 1 min and 2 sec. Then another
announcement came on “ congratulations south korean team you have won the bobsled
games come to the stage to collect your grand prize”
I was speechless even with our bobsled gone missing we still won.